_MG_0736LEZETi branded products bring to today's market, solution-driven innovations that raise the standard of status quo issues we often learn to simply deal with. While there is nothing new under the sun - there are indeed new approaches to integrating known technologies that can shake up the norm!

LEZETi : Low Energy Zero Emissions Technological Innovations.
A portfolio of products that address needs in cooling/heating, energy production and energy efficiency for home and commercial applications. The core intent of these products are to deliver solutions that are environmentally responsible, energy efficient and sustainable, and adaptable across a wide range of geographic locations, meeting needs and raising the level of living across a global market cost effectively.

Our most popular item to date has been our LEZETi Hybrid split-system solar powered A/C.  Similar in function and form to other split-system A/C's our LEZETi Hybrid PV A/C is unique with a built-in  "solar-centric" feature that allows these units to receive direct DC power from PV to power the system.  With a smaller carbon footprint and capability to be directly powered by PV, these units fit a unique niche for increasing grid capacity without zero feedback to the grid. All sunlight derived from the PV panels are 100% consumed by the air conditioner.

Additional products include our highly energy efficient LEZETi Off-grid solar powered A/C for cooling of remote area locations where grid power may not be accessible or preferred.  PV and battery storage systems can be sized to support these units. The LEZETi Portable Power Solution (PPS) is a self-sustaining mobile power system capable of rapid charging/discharging.  Solar-centric in design for functional solar charging, this unit can be 100% remotely deployed to provide power in all types of disaster relief with all inclusive battery storage and folding solar panels. Be sure to check out our full portfolio of products to find out how you can start saving more.

We remain grounded on our core basis of delivering on reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


Our portfolio of products maximize the output while drawing on the minimal amount of resources for a light carbon footprint. Low Energy, Zero Emissions.


Quality components and innovative features are integrated to support long-term operation and resilience with minimal wear and tear.


Innovative product design minimizes loss in efficiencies delivering maximum output, a signature benchmark for our products.

Cost Effective

Our goal is to make innovation accessible to mainstream markets by keeping the product simple, durable but effective in addressing the need at its most basic form.