April 2016   |  33 LEZETi hybrid solar air conditioners installed into 2 elementary schools on Molokai

Kaunakakai, Hawaii - Kaunakakai Elementary sixth-grader and Student Council President Leonahe Crivello wanted to help in the effort to cool more classrooms at her school. A chance meeting with NextEra Energy Hawaii President Eric Gleason turned into an opportunity to accomplish her goal. The project was completed resulting in the cooling of 14 classrooms in Kaunakakai Elementary and four classrooms in Kilohana more

March 2016   |  Have you seen our recent commercial on the LEZETi Hybrid solar air conditioner?

January 2016   |  Two PV A/Cs Installed for Keep Laie Cool Campaign at Laie Elementary

“KeepLaieCool” is a grassroots organization that fundraised over $19,000 in four months to fund cooling projects at Laie Elementary School. KeepLaieCool was formed by concerned parents, students, teachers and community members to solve the heat problem at Laie Elementary School. Thanks to this initiative, the students of the hottest portable on campus now have 2 LEZETi solar PV air conditioners installed. KeepLaieCool has a goal to raise an additional monies for more more solar PV A/C’s for additional classrooms. For more information please visit their website at

Septebmer 2015   |  Fahrenheit73 Crowd-funding Project completed

Fahrenheit73 and Greenpath Technologies finished up the final installation of the 2 LEZETi solar powered air conditioners in the hottest portable on James Campbell High School.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to honor the "passing on" of the crowd-funded technology from the 5 students that spearheaded this Fahrenheit73 initiative - to the recipient students of James Campbell HS. It was a celebratory moment for all parties involved and a time to honor and thank the many donors and sponsors that contributed towards making this a reality.  

February 2015   |  Fahrenheit73 Crowd-funding Project launched to cool down classrooms 

Fahrenheit73 successfully crowd-funded the $19,000 for the installation of LEZETi two solar powered air conditioners to install in one of the hottest portables at James Campbell High School.  As a project out of The Center for Tomorrow's Leaders Fellows Program, this project was student conceived, led and driven by this fab 5 team.  With over 50 participating organizations and individuals, and the partnership of Hawaii 3R's, Greenpath Technologies and the support of the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE), the Fahrenheit73 team's initiative was a huge success.  

October 2014   |  Oahu Install at Waianae High School - Pilot Project for HIDOE PV/AC 

Greenpath was able to work with Waianae High School and the HIDOE to pilot a hybrid solar air conditioning project to cool a classroom portable at Waianae High School. Both the school principle and local Senators Shimabukuro and Kidani were supportive of a new solution to cooling classrooms with a lighter carbon footprint. The classroom selected for solar PV A/C was the hottest on campus. Two PV/AC's were installed in the classroom and six PV panels on the rooftop to power the two split systems. 

January 2014   |  Hawaii Market for LEZETi Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Greenpath Technologies has been given the exclusive distribution for the LEZETi Hybrid Solar A/C for the Hawaii.  They will be selling directly to dealers and installers to develop the local market.  As a certified installer, they will also be selling directly to end users.  For questions regards to distribution please contact them directly at