How does it save you more?

1. The LEZETi Hybrid AC consumes about 50% less energy than a conventional air conditioner

2. When the sun shines, the LEZETi Hybrid A/C automatically uses solar power (blue line), the use of utility electricity (orange) is reduced accordingly

3. The LEZETi Hybrid AC unit uses all available solar power first before any grid power is drawn


4. When the “time-of use” window for AC is at peak sun hours, the LEZETi can cut back grid consumption by 85%


5. Up to 85% savings over conventional window units can be achieved


*Actual savings will vary based upon location and usage

LEZETi Solar Powered Conditioners COOL FOR LESS
In addition to being 50% more efficient than conventional window units, The solar-centric feature of the LEZETi Hybrid AC allows it to harness up to 90% solar power during peak sun hours to run the unit thus reducing utility grid power consumed. Depending on location and usage patterns, the savings on utility electricity consumed by the units can be significant.

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