Save on Cooling Costs Using the Sun To Power Your A/C

The LEZETi hybrid solar powered air conditioner harvests sunlight directly into the unit from solar PV during daylight with a “smart-circuit” function that allows this hybrid unit to supplement with grid power as the sun goes down. The solar DC power directly replaces and supplements the power normally required from the utility grid, significantly reducing daytime energy costs for air conditioning.


Power AC 220/240V, 50/60Hz
Power DC 30-39 VDC
Cooling Capacity 11500 BTU/h
Power Input @ Full Cooling Operation 885W
Avg. Power Consumption, Cooling 585W
Cooling COP 3.81
SEER (without solar / with solar) >21 / >35
Heating Capacity 13000 BTU/h
Power Input @ Full Heating Operation 1065W
Avg. Power Consumption, Heating 860W
Heating COP 3.6
Indoor Fan Motor Weling DC
Indoor Fan Input 20W
Indoor Fan RPM (Hi/Med/Lo) 1150/950/800
Indoor Air Flow (Hi/Med/Lo) 410/340/285 CFM
Indoor Air Flow (Hi/Med/Lo) 39/29/26 dB
Indoor Unit Dimensions (W*D*H) 33” x 8” x 14”
Solar Power Consumption </=780W DC
Solar Power Consumption </=20a
Operating Range (cooling/heating) 20F-122F/5F-86F
Outdoor Noise Level 57 db
Outdoor Fan Motor Welling DC
Outdoor Fan Input 40W DC
Outdoor Air Flow 1180 CFM
Outdoor Unit Dimension (W*D*H) 32"x12.5"x22"
Compressor BLDC (Rotary)
Refrigerant R410A/44.1oz.
Max. Lineset Length/Elevation 82ft./33ft.
Moisture Removal .29 G/h
Rated Current (RLA) 5.3A
Locked Rotor Amp(LRA) 10A
Refrigerant Oil VG74/17oz.
Design Pressure 550/340 PSIG
Liquid side/ Gas side 1/4" / 1/2"
Connection / Wire AWB 12-16*4


HYBRID design utilizes a "smart-circuit" function that automatically pulls from the grid as available sunlight varies.

DIRECT DC design allows direct PV power to run the unit with no inverter required, thus eliminating any loss of efficieny.

AHRI CERTIFIED as an EnergyStar rated SEER21 Split System.

ANTI-CORROSION coating for sea-salt protection and enhanced longevity.

ANTI-MILDEW feature minimizes mildew growth in the evaporator for enhanced air quality and minimal routine maintenance.

FOLLOW ME remote for spot area cooling.

IONIZED air purification feature minimizes dust absorbed into the unit.

ECO MODE lowers power draw for additional power savings.

*Features are subject to change with product variations and may vary from those shown.

Benefits & Applications

  • Direct DC Unit, Zero Feedback to Grid
  • Savings up to 70% on A/C Cooling Costs
  • Qualifies for State & Federal Credits
    *State & Federal credits available in the U.S.
  • No Utility Approval Required
  • Attractive payback with state and federal credits available


  • Single Family Residence (SFR)
  • Home Owner Residence (HOA)
  • Low Rise/Town Homes
  • Low Rise/Apartment Buildings
  • Additions, Renovations

Office/Small Business

  • Commercial Office Space
  • Mixed-used Properties
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Mobile/Temporary Trailers
  • Portable Classrooms
  • Educational Facilities
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