Our Smart LEZETi PPS systems deliver quiet, clean and reliable solar power to remote area locations. With options for customization, this system generates and stores power to support the needs of traveling medical units for remote area clinics, humanitarian relief operations, emergency response or other similar missions were portability in transportation, simplicity in utility, and the security of the power system is crucial. Solar-centric by design, this system is a self-sustaining power hub where alternative charging sources may not be available.


Battery (100Ah)
LiFePO4 100Ah Battery Specifications
Nominal Voltage 100Ah
Type LiFeP04
Operating Voltage 11.2V to 14.4V
Max Charging Current 3C
Max Discharging Current 3C
Cycle Life >2000 (80% DOD)
Operating Temperature -20 to 65C or -4 to 149F
Self Discharge Rate <3% monthly
Weight 12.9kg or 28.4lbs
Dimensions 270mm x 140mm x 241 mm
Solar Module Specifications
Solar Power Consumption </=20a
Rating Power Output (Pmax) 100W STC
Rating Tolerance +5%
Origin USA
Max Power Voltage 12.21V
Max Power Current 8.21A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 15.60V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.80A
Warranty 1 year limited
Connection Type Durable SAE 2 prong rubberized connector
100W Solar Module Dimensions & Weight
Stowed (Inches) 15.625"L x 7.5"W x 2.42" thick
Deployed (Inches) 47" x 28 7/8"W x 0.155" thick
Weight, lb (kg) 6lbs. 11.6oz. (3.05)
Power per lb. (kg) 14.90 (32.86)
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What does the system include?

Solar Charging Set (4 solar modules & harnesses) + Main battery storage Hub. Up to 4 sets can be connected for faster charging times

SOLAR-CENTRIC DESIGN Built with a superior ability to handle a high capacity of solar input and discharge for rapid charging capability

SCALABLE Smart PPS systems are modular in design for simple scaling up or down. Increase the charging speed with additional solar modules or adjust the energy storage with more battery.

RELIABLE Smart LEZETI PPS systems are built to the highest level of quality with our solar products tested and approved to meet MIL-STD-810G ratings for resilience, long-term sustainbility and superior performance for DoD and HA/DR deployment.

SECURABLE As a quick deployable and stowable system, the Smart LEZETI PPS containers are easily locked, stacked and stored for safety and security purposes when not being utilized.

CUSTOMIZABLE Our Smart LEZETI PPS systems can be custom designed to meet specific requirements. For custom projects please contact your local representative directly

PORTABLE Designed to be man-portable for simple transport via vehicle, air, land or sea to any type of terrain.

2.5kW battery case 400 solar charging case
24" x 20" x 17"
(600 x 500 x 420mm
21.7" x 14.1" x 8.9"
(551 x 358 x 226mm)
110lbs (50kg) 50lbs (25kg)
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Benefits & Applications

  • High energy density by weight and volume
  • Superior safety performance of batteries
  • Long cycle life of batteries
  • NRuggedized, waterproof, weatherproof solar modules
  • Power dense, fast charging solar modules
  • Silent operation and easily deployable
  • Solar-centric system built for rapid solar charge/discharge
  • Hybrid generator power input by solar, vehicle or wall charge
  • Solar-Centric Design allows for rapid charging with increased solar input
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