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For residential markets, the LEZETi Hybrid split-system solar PV A/C is similar in function and form to other split-system A/C's.   This unit is unique with a built-in "solar-centric" feature that allows these units to receive direct DC power from PV to power the system.

Smaller carbon footprint and capability to be directly powered by PV, these units fit a unique niche for increasing grid capacity for homeowners who have gone net-zero with existing PV systems and would like to add air conditioning to their home.  No wait times for installation, with zero feedback to the grid, these systems require no permit approval from the utility. Intertek qualifies this product as an appliance. (requiring grid power for minimal electronics, but 100% incapable of exporting power back into the grid.) All sunlight derived from the PV panels are 100% consumed by the air conditioner.


A perfect solution for small business, and offices with operating hours during peak sun hours.  Cooling is typically one of the highest overhead bills to foot for a small business.  These LEZETi Hybrid Split System A/C's draw on free sunlight to power the A/C.  Systems quality for tax incentives and rebates.

Another solution for offices with existing central A/C systems is integrating our ducted A/C systems to help augment air flow where inefficiencies may be prevalent.


Educational facilities are typically run between the hours of 7am - 4pm.  With the need to keep the learning environments cool and comfortable for maximized learning conditions, the LEZETi PV A/C is perfect for helping to cool down the classrooms while capitalizing on the available sunlight to power the A/C's.  A small footprint of 3 PV panels will power one hybrid PV A/C and can be sized to best accommodate the classroom sizes.  The ultra-quiet DC motors primarily powered by the sun and supplement this with standard grid power on cloudy days, keep the classrooms cool and quiet.