Share Cooling Between Two Adjacent Rooms

The D-IDU Mini-Duct system is for use with ACDC12(B) Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner unit. It replaces the standard ACDC12(B) indoor wall unit.


Max Fuse (A) 15
Indoor air flow (No Duct) - CFM 274
Indoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo) - dB(A) 37/34/30
Indoor Unit
Dimension (WxDxH) - mm 700x635x210
Dimension (WxDxH) - inch 27.56x25x8.27
Packing (WxDxH) - mm 915x655x290
Packing (WxDxH) - inch 36.02x25.79x11.42
Net/Gross Weight - kg 18.1/22.8
Net/Gross Weight - lbs. 39.9/50.27
Design Pressure - PSIG 540/300 PSIG
Drainage water pipe diameter ODø25/1"
Refrigerant piping
Liquid side/Gas Side
Mm / In.
ø6.35/ø12.7(1/4" / 1/2")
Controller Wireless Remote / Panel
Room Temperature
Cooling ("C) 17~32
Cooling ("F) 62-90
Heating ("C) 0~30
Heating ("F) 32~86
Operation temperature
"C 17~30
"F 62~86


EFFICIENT OPERATION Silent DC motor operation and Hybrid Design allows for highly efficient operation.

SAVE w/ Solar Hybrid Cooling & Heating. You can save up to 90% on your daytime cooling costs.

MINI-DUCT Indoor Design. The model D-IDU indoor unit allows customers to conceal the indoor unit behind a vent screen, or to create a small plenum or mini-duct system to share the capacity of the ACDC12 across multiple adjacent rooms.

CONTROL OPTIONS The mini-duct system can use a wired remote in addition to the ACDC12B standard wireless remote control.

THE D-IDU mini-duct indoor unit is designed for sharing cooling/ heating between two or more small adjacent rooms.

*Savings will vary based on usage and location

Benefits & Applications

  • Works with ACDC12(B) Hybrid Unit
  • Share cooling/heating between two or more small adjacent rooms
  • Save w/ Solar Hybrid Cooling & Heating
  • Utilizes up to 90% solar power for day time operation
  • Mini-Duct Indoor design allows for concealed indoor unit behind vent screen
  • Share capacity of ACDC12(B) across adjacent rooms
  • Mini-Duct Control options available


  • Wired remote in addition to the ACDC12B standard wireless remote control
  • Conceal the indoor unit behind a vent screen
  • Sharing of cooling or heating capacity between two or more adjacent rooms
  • Uses three solar panels
  • *Note: This is a low static pressure unit. Compatible with a room air vent or short duct system
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