Ultra High Efficiency Heat Pump Chiller

The CX30 obtains it’s ultra high efficiency rating using existing technologies in a new way. Modular in design and stackable; these units can be configured up to 10/15 outdoor units. Unique features include a water line set, DC driven components and state of the art EMC.


Cooling Capacity
at A95o/W64o 27,793/1.78
at A95o/W54o 24,105/1.62
at A95o/W44o 20,165/1.47
Heating Capacity / Power Input (kW)
Ambient air temp/outlet water temp(F) Capacity BTU/Power (kW)
at A68o/W95o 41,300/1.69
at A49o/W95o 30,599/1.50
at A49o/W113o 29,056/1.76
at A35o/W95o 27,212/1.45
at A35o/W113o 25,847/1.70
Max. Current (A) 12
Power-varies w/capacity (kW) .258 to 1.8
Electric supply 220-240v 50/60Hz
Max. Water Temperature (oF) 140
Running Temperature Range-Heating (oF) -13 to 100
Running Temperature Range-Cooling (oF) -4 to 126
Refrigerant Circuit
Refrigerant R410A 2kg
Compressor Twin Rotary GMCC Toshiba DC Inverter
Heat Exchanger Copper & Aluminum
Electronic Expansion Valve Emerson
Air Flow (CFM) 1412
Water Circuit
Heat Exchanger SWEP BPHE
Inlet/Outlet Connections DN25 1"
Water Flow (GPM) 44/15 PSI
Max/Min Pressure 44/15 PSI
Water Pump WILO VSD Variable Speed
Unit deimensions WxHxD (mm) 1091·780·400·
Package Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 1170·960·470
Net Weight (Lbs.) 210
Gross Weight (Lbs.) 232
Noise Level (dB(A)) 49


MODULAR-STACKABLE The CX30 can be configured with up to 10/15 outdoor units to create systems up to 30 Tons Cooling/37.5 Tons Heating.

SAVE MORE W/INVERTER FAN MOTORS All of the thin-line (5.1" thin) wall, floor and ceiling fan coil units use DC-Inverter fan motors and run on 120v 60Hz power. The high-wall unit and ducted fan coil units use a standard FCU fan and operate on 208-240V 50/60Hz power

DC-INVERTER compressor and a DC-Inverter water pump (both are variable speed) controlled together to achieve the best possible balance of water flow rate and compressor speed

SERVER ROOM COOLING CX30SE (Server Room Edition_ offers up to 2.4 tons cooling with a humidity control option. SE model offers an optional Free Cooling add-on which allows EER 41 & COP 12+ cooling performance during winter at low ambient temperatures

Benefits & Applications

  • Up to 40% energy savings over Conventional Chillers
  • Server Room Cooling
  • Up to 7 Indoor Units
  • Boiler Integration
  • Ultra High Efficiency Heat Pump Chiller
  • Modular – Stackable
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