“I am very impressed with how quiet and efficient the LEZETi A/C system is. My electric bill was immediately reduced and I’ve received over 50 percent State and Federal tax credits. I didn’t realize that when I committed to a solar hybrid LEZETi split-system, that it would be one of the best investments for my business. Because of the drastic lower operating costs that I now have, I have the ability to plan long-term rather than chase the money down just to pay the bills.” – Kalani Wong, President, Mobile Fleet

“At Greenpath Technologies, our mission is to exceed client expectations and to provide them with quality energy solutions that are highly efficient. The LEZETi Hybrid A/C has done that for us. I am very pleased that our customers are happy, are cool and comfortable, and can benefit from the abundant savings for years to come.” – Briand Achong, President, Greenpath Technologies

“The LEZETi Hybrid A/C is a natural progresson of innovative ways to save our customers money with solar. With the challenges of approving new PV systems from Hawaii’s utility company, this solar A/C system allows customers to reap the savings immediately with no waiting. We’re happy to help bring new solar products to the market and provide energy solutions for our customers.” – Rolf Christ, President & CEO, R & R Solar Supply

“We have installed over 30 LEZETi Hybrid solar A/C systems. Each and every customer is happy with the savings they have received and how well the system works. Everyone says the system keeps the house as cool as a regular A/C. We are very satisfied with the relationship we have established and look forward to installing thousands more of these amazing units.” – Jim Whitcomb, CEO, Haleakala Solar

James Campbell HS Students were very thankful for the 2 PV A/C’s that were installed as a result of Fahrenheit73’s crowdfunding efforts to raise awareness and make a a difference. Some of the feedback from the students:

“Our class has been one of the hottest classes on the campus. Now, with the new solar AC, we can focus on the schoolwork at hand instead of falling asleep because of the heat. We are now more than attentive, and we feel like we are learning!”

“Now that the solar A/C is installed, the heat is reduced to a lower temperature and functioning and interacting in the class becomes much easier. Due to the fact that we no longer have to worry about the heat and having to always focus on trying to stay cool, the learning environment is much more learnable for my peers and I.”

“After the installation of the solar A/C in the classroom it shows that the students are calm and ready to work. No one can blame the heat anymore if they can’t study or learn because the AC keeps us very cool.”

“As a student in Ewa Beach, most peers would agree that focusing in class is difficult with constant rising temperatures. Some students fail to learn completely. It’s nearly impossible to concentrate over long periods of time with a temperature of over 90 degrees looming over you. With 30 students in each period, you have funded for the improvement of education in roughly 100 young minds.”

“The AC has really impacted my ability to learn. Before the AC, it was really hard for me to focus in class due to the heat. I was always fanning myself instead of doing work. Now I feel cool and refreshed and am able to focus on my work. It also impacts my health. I used to get heat exhaustion at least one a week. Now I don’t have to worry.”

“We now no longer have to bear the pain of a blistering hot classroom while trying to learn. As well as not having to stop and wait for noisy lawn mowers to pass by because we wouldn’t be able to close our doors and windows, We can now learn in peace.”